Level Up Your Business Mentor Live Presentation & Q/A

RECEIVE Presentation from a mentor on challenge members are experiencing Opportunities to brainstorm with mentors and your fellow members The collective advice of the group to tackle your challenges Opportunity to work on your projects and goals in a supportive group environment Support and advice to balance your well-being, happiness, and health coupled with your […]

Bye Bye DIY & Other Business Trends for 2022

Join founder Leigh Mitchell and our Resident Certified Business Coach Natasha Mitchell for a revealing discussion on the top trends for 2022 and how they will impact your business. Walk away with live coaching Replay video on trends Guide to trends

Receive our Brand Guide Checklist

Enjoy your brand guide. If you need more support please reach out to Leigh Mitchell to discuss your needs. Book appointment at https://www.picktime.com/leighmitchell

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