Mobile apps are quickly making their mark into our everyday lives.  They are quick and easy to download and relatively inexpensive.  According to TechCrunch, mobile app downloads will reach 98 billion by 2015.  You may be thinking that the time is right to develop an app for your business.

Are these some of the reasons why a mobile app appeals to you?

  • ·        Since everyone’s got one, I need one too.
  • ·        It’ll be easy. The app will simply mirror my existing website.
  • ·        I’ll build it right the first time and then I can forget about it.

The above statements are all the wrong reasons to want an app. Instead, think about the following as it pertains to your business: 

  1. This may sound simple enough, but know your customers.  If most of your customers don’t own a smartphone, then who exactly is the app for?  If your customers are tech savvy, what type of device are they using? Don’t build an iOS app when most have Android devices.
  2. Having an app does not mean the end to all marketing initiatives.  An app will certainly play a role in your overall campaigns, but as the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  3. What added value can the app provide your customers?  It doesn’t have to solve the world’s problems, but if it doesn’t help address your customer’s immediate need or provide some sort of incentive, then why would people want to use it?
  4. Do you really need a mobile app or will a web app suffice?  There are huge debates amongst the mobile gurus as to which is the better way to go.  A web app can be optimized to fit the smartphone and tablet screens across platforms (a wider audience reach) whereas a mobile app needs to be developed for a specific platform (limited to only those who own the device).  Mobile apps can provide more of an interactive experience for your customer with the use of built-in smartphone technology such as   GPS and camera, but if you don’t have plans on integrating such features into your app, then consider the web app option.  From a cost perspective, the web app will be more cost effective than building a mobile app.

Make sure you do your homework before you make the leap.

Are you currently thinking about developing an app for your business or maybe you already have one?

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