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This week on the Time to Thrive Podcast, our guest is The Bridge to Fulfillment Founder Blake Schofield. We had a truly insightful conversation on Blake’s journey from successful retail director to career coach helping women transition from unfulfilling careers by creating a bridge to fulfillment® on their terms. Blake and I discuss what it takes to change our career mindset so that you can find work that is filled with purpose, fulfillment, and even financial success. Yes, you can have it all you just have to start by asking for help.


About Blake Schofield in Her Words

My name is Blake. I’m a mom of three kids who spent 18 years in Corporate America building, growing and turning around 8 and 9 figure businesses, including a $600 million dollar business at Target corporation & building a business from scratch at Stitch Fix that launched with over 75,000 women on a waitlist.

Despite enjoying parts of my career & having a lot of success, I would find myself going through cycles of feeling energized followed by feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

I seemed to be constantly searching for how I could do fulfilling work while having time for a more fulfilling, less stressful life. As the years progressed and I had kids, I felt myself getting more frustrated and exhausted with the constant demands of my job & the amount of work I had to do that either didn’t line up with my values or wasn’t work I loved.

I came to realize that the career I was in no longer fit.  Despite that, I sat in my job for years knowing that I should be doing something else, something “MORE” but I just didn’t know what it was or how to make it happen without taking a big risk.

I felt overwhelmed, drained & stuck — I began to feel like I didn’t have control over my life. Work was bleeding into every part of my life.

As the breadwinner, I felt responsible for making sure whatever decision I made would be right for my family…and I felt guilty that I wasn’t happy in a career that everyone else thought was the epitome of success.

At the time, I believed that I could figure it out on my own & that the only way was by sacrificing the lifestyle I had worked so hard to achieve. What I came to learn and realize is that I was missing the CLARITY & PLAN to feel like I could move forward with my life, I didn’t understand my secret sauce transferable skills or how to align my strengths, skills, & passions to do work that ultimately would allow me to have everything I wanted.

My 20-year personal journey through three career changes, multiple cross-country moves, years of going through the cycle of searching LinkedIn & job boards trying to find the next path for my life is the basis for the work we do every day.

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