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Business, Balance and Fitting It All In

Tips for business and balanceYou start out the week with the best of intentions.  This IS the week you will get all those emails answered, the budget balanced, the marketing plan done, the blog post posted and make it to the gym at least twice.

Then before you know it, it’s Sunday night and you look back at the unopened emails, the unbalanced budget, the unplanned marketing plan and you make a new vow to go to the gym three times next week for missing both work outs this week.

Between kids crazy schedules, feeding a family and running a business how can you fit in a healthy balanced breakfast, much less a session with your trainer and a balance ball?

When you are consistently facing a busy work day, a busy family day, busy week and a busy month you eventually must realize that this is your ‘normal.’   Tomorrow won’t be any less hectic and next week won’t be any less busy.  If you truly want things on your schedule to change, you need to make the change, no magic window will appear to suddenly enable you to ‘find the time.’  You need to make the time.  But how?


First step is to prioritize.  Make two lists:

  • The first one is a ‘Yay Me’ list of what you are doing now that you enjoy, what you accomplish each week, and items that consistently gets knocked off the to do list.
  • Then make another list of what is ‘Missing’ –  what you need to finish, what you wish you could fit in, what nags at you, remains undone and what there never seems to be time for.
  • Merge the two lists, putting everything in ‘Priority Order’ according to your own personal level of importance.  Some items from the ‘Yay Me’ list might get listed below some items from the ‘Missing’ list and this is OK.

This will show you what you really want or need to be spending your time on.

If going to the gym is always on the ‘Missing’ list but it sits in the number 3 spot on your priority list, then it is clear that you need to reorganize a little.


You make it to the board meeting on time, you don’t miss the kids swimming lessons and you pay your bills on the due date – why?

Because each of these items has a date and a time attached to it.  They appear on a calendar or a schedule and you make it a requirement to get it done.  The same thing needs to happen for your ‘Priority Order’ list.  Those items in the top spots need a date and a time attached to them.

Find out what you really want and need to be spending your time on and then write it in your calendar and make it happen.

If a balance ball session at the gym will help you feel balance, then give it the date and time it deserves on your calendar and Enjoy!

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