Canadians are proud of their hometowns—and rightfully so. From abroad, many would say we’re all fortunate to live anywhere in this vast, lucky nation. That’s why our annual Best Places to Live in Canada is really an exercise in finding the best of the best. Here at MoneySense, we have strong feelings about what makes a city a great place to live. Above all else it should be prosperous, but affordable. It should also be safe and easy to get around, with plenty of amenities. And nice weather helps, because who wants to wear a parka eight months of the year? Tracking the data for hundreds of Canadian cities is a major undertaking, which is why we turn to Environics Analytics and other partners to create the most comprehensive data set we can. Many cities offer a comfortable place to hang your hat if money is no object, but the greatest places are the ones where the entire community thrives. Scroll down to see the Best Places by region.

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