As an entrepreneur myself I am always intrigued by the amount of work women entrepreneurs take on! Celebrities especially amaze me. I recently read a  great article on one of my favourite web sites called about successful celebrity entrepreneurs and though I would share with you the successful ladies portion (my take of course)!

  1. Phoebe Cates – You remember her on Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Well she now owns a successful  gift shop called Blue Tree on the upper east side in New York City.
  2. Gwen Stefani When she is not making us dance to her groovy tunes she is busy with creating L.A.M.B. an Asian inspired clothing line. (don’t like the music playing on the L.A.M.B. web site- which people didn’t do that!)
  3. Kate Walsh – You likely remember her from the hit TV show ER.  Well it turns out she also owns a beauty product company called “Boyfriend LCC” which is on the Home Shopping Network and Sephora stores.
  4. Sandra Bullock Okay I totally don’t know how she does it – new single mom, successful actress and also the owner of a restaurant called Bess Bistro and Walton’s Fancy & Staple in Texas! The two stores are down the street from each other. I think that is very neat! I would have to say if I had to choose one famous person I think I would pick Sandra.
  5. Gwyneth PaltrowHard not to know who Gweneth is. The famous momprenur, actress and married to the very cute Chris Martin from ColdPlay. Well if you didn’t know she also operates an online magazine called GOOP.