The Business

Source My Garment is an ethical manufacturing agency that believes in reducing our carbon footprint, supporting the craft and talent of generations involved in making clothing while supporting small to medium sized North American designers with ethical manufacturing. Source My Garment is an apparel manufacturing agency that functions as a bridge between North American designers and manufacturers and overseas factories.

We seek to encourage designers and manufacturers who strive to balance the need to support each other locally as well as globally. They are drawn together by a common interest and connected on focusing on impacting the world in a positive way.

Source My Garment provides clients with a range of supportive consultation and production services. We help take your designs from concept to market, and help keep the wheels turning. Designers design it & we deliver it.

In addition, Source My Garment is currently working on an online platform that will simplify the process of  producing ethically made garments. This cloud-based solution will allow smaller companies and factories to keep updated on the development and production process as well as ease communication.

Giving Back


We believe in that transparency. The most powerful impact is when a company is confident enough in its process or operations to bring consumers in to see exactly how things are done. As a commitment to bringing transparency to overseas garment manufacturing, Source My Garment is producing a video campaign to document working conditions in overseas facilities. This will provide visibility and support to the many overseas factories that offer humane and ethical working environments, contrary to the popular myth that all overseas factories are sweat shops. Profiles, interviews and videos will be set up on Source My Garment’s blog to showcase the individuality of every factory. See our first video here- http://sourcemygarment.com/category/factory-interviews. We also support organizations such as Kiva, Free To Work and The Textile Exchange.

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