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Facts and Figures on Canadian Women Entrepreneurs From The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

  1. According to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey reports there were 950,000 self -employed women in Canada in 2012, accounting for 35.6% of all self -employed persons.
  2. In 2010, Quebec had the highest proportion of majority-owned female SMEs at 19 percent, followed by Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and then the Prairies and British Columbia.
  3. According to Industry Canada, 47% are SME’s were entirely or partly owned by women.
  4. When a woman does decide to start a business, she tends to stay in business longer. In otherwords, their survival rates are higher.
  5. The proportion of women-owned businesses that plan to expand their business is generally higher than men.
  6. Approximately 51% of Aboriginal-owned SMEs belong partly or wholly to women.
  7. Among established businesses (non start-ups), the percentage of female entrepreneurs rose from 27% in the early 1990s to 33% in 2012
  8. The average net profit before tax of female-owned businesses has increased from 52% of male-owned business profits in 2000 to 89% in 2007.
  9. In terms of employee growth rates, majority female-owned firms with growth intentions are significantly more active in hiring new employees than majority male-owned firms.
  10. Majority women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises represented over $117 billion per annum of economic activity in Canada.
  11. A greater concentration of women-run SMEs is present in certain sectors such as professional services and accommodation and food services.
  12. The percentage of young women (25-34) with a post secondary degree or diploma has increased from 43% in 1990 to 71% today.