I am so excited to offer additional services to our WIBN community through our amazing certified career coach Kamara Toffolo. I met Kamara about two years ago at the Discover Your Personal Brand Conference and I was so impressed with her skills as a career coach and Linkedin / Resume expert. Kamara has tons of experience helping professional and entrepreneurial clients with their career choices. I have teamed up with Kamara so we can offer you more.  I will  offer personalized branding and referral services in addition to Kamara’s offerings. We also have a brand new job board that you will love – featuring  job and business opportunities for women (members can submit to this as a complimentary service). Kamara also has a series called Thriving Career Video series you must check out !

More about Our Career Coach Kamara – See our packages here 

kamaratoffoloheadshotKamara Toffolo is a career and leadership coach who helps her clients DARE to do work DIFFERENTLY!

Contact Kamara at kamara@womeninbiznetwork.com   | Twitter at @KamaraToffolo

Whether a mid-career professional looking for a change. A side-hustling entrepreneur itching to take their passion full-time. Or a leader yearning to make a difference. Kamara helps her clients create careers they love.

Kamara personally identifies herself as a corporate misfit.  In her previous life, she spent 12 years navigating the cubicle jungle of the financial services industry working for corporations of all sizes.  She is an Erickson Certified Professional Coach, holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurial Management and a diploma in Financial Management.

Kamara has been a featured writer and expert in many publications including Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., and The Daily Muse to name a few.

She is passionate about LinkedIn and helping her clients optimize their profiles so they can be found by recruiters or potential clients.

When not coaching, Kamara writes weekly on her own blog where she discusses career and work fit, breaking rules, and navigating the entrepreneurial world.  She also likes to share embarrassing personal anecdotes, real-life teachable moments and war stories from her time in corporate.  Her writing is humorous, self-deprecating, bitingly honest, and full of sass.

In addition to being a coach and writer, Kamara is a seasoned speaker, Toastmaster and recipient of the Competent Leader awardthrough Toastmasters International.  She is an experienced Board Director and avid volunteer for non-profit organizations that focus on human rights, health and arts and culture.  The LGBT community holds a special place in Kamara’s heart and where she is a proud and active ally.

Kamara is based in Toronto, but originally from Vancouver.  She has one husband, Paul, and one cat, Bart. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, all Asian food, pretending to be a wine aficionado, and Judd Apatow movies.