1. Tell us about your business.

DemGen is a virtual company providing administrative, business development and strategic business support to busy entrepreneurs. Delegate to DemGen for as little as $500 per month and we will manage many of the daily tasks holding you back from growing your business!!

2. Other than being an entrepreneur, who are you? Tell us about yourself.  

I am a mother of two wonderful boys, love the outdoors and enjoy family activities like boating, cycling and hiking.

3. What motivated you to go into business for yourself?  

DemGen has been in business for over 6 years. As a strategic business developer I saw great opportunity in the world of virtual business management and partnered with the company in 2011. Gary Evans, the founder and Pamela Christie the co-founder have been entrepreneurs for most of their lives. After recognizing a unique trend in virtually helping businesses grow, DemGen was born.

4. How do you overcome challenges and obstacles in your business? 

DemGen is a conscious business which guides our decision making process and the ability to solve problems. The tools and principles used to grow our clients business are utilized at DemGen as well.

5. What are your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur?

DemGen is a team, and the collective capability of the many entrepreneurs on the team is our greatest strength. We recognize the many challenges AND opportunities in running a small business and are able to capitalize on both.

6. What are you most passionate about in your business?  

We are passionate about the entrepreneurial journey and the process from business idea to implementation. We are grateful for the many entrepreneurs we work with and the success they achieve.