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As a picture editor, it’s my job to take many hours of footage and condense it down to tell a clear, concise and compelling story. Today, we live in a hyper documenting age. Our phones are always at the ready to click the moment by moment events of our lives. I need your opinions, your wisdom, and your gut feelings. I am gathering customer feedback on an idea I am working on and I would be super grateful if you could take 3 minutes to fill out this survey. Many thanks!

About Michele

My passion is seeking the funny in the mundane, finding the remarkable in the ordinary, looking for the heart in the day to day and using these to craft compelling narratives.

From documentary to drama, comedy to horror, I have worked with some of Canada’s leading filmmakers including Atom Egoyan, Bruce McDonald, Su Rynard, and Simcha Jacobovici among others. Most recently I have worked with the award-winning documentary filmmaker, Billie Mintz on “The Guardians”.

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