Inspiration matters. From inspiration comes the motivation to accomplish greatness. The Women In Biz Network is all about helping women be great business people.
So, I thought it appropriate to share this article with you that was originally written on my blog for parent entrepreneurs.  I hope it in some way helps you on your journey to greatness…

Entrepreneurs: Where Do You Find Inspiration?

The other day, I had a flash of inspiration. Normally, that wouldn’t be such a big deal, except, after I thought about it for a second, I realized I haven’t been inspired in the last eighteen months.

So, I was excited to see my old friend (inspiration) paying me a visit, because that is how I’ve gotten as far as I have with my business.

Then I started wondering, what is inspiration? How do other entrepreneurs find it? And do they (other entrepreneurs) value it as much as I do?

What Is Inspiration?

Inspiration: insp??r?SH(?)n

Derivation: middle english (in the sense ‘divine guidance’): via Old French from late Latin inspiratio(n-), from the verb inspirare.

There are many varying, but similar definitions of the word, but I like this one because it more accurately reflects my feelings about what inspiration is; for me it has always felt spiritual-like thoughts, ideas, or information being shared with my conscious mind, from my unconscious-or connected-mind.

When Does Inspiration Come?

Inspiration normally comes for me while sleeping-just before waking-right at the point where I’m not in a deep sleep, but am conscious enough to be keenly aware of my thoughts.

I believe it happens like this because I am “out of the way”, without all the noise in my head. And none of the fear and anxiety that have been abundantly present the last eighteen months.

Fear and anxiety are probably why I haven’t been inspired-until now-as I likely just haven’t had enough clear mental space for it to happen.

How Does One Find Inspiration?

In an interesting article in Entrepreneur magazine, the author lists nine ways he recommends one find inspiration. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

  • Commune with nature
  • Disconnect from technology and social media
  • Take a walk
  • Practice mindfulness (to live in the moment)


I think most of these suggestions come back to my point about clearing away all the mental noise to make room for that spark of inspiration.

I’m thrilled to have been recently inspired and hope it continues because it has already resulted in productive activity for my business.

As an entrepreneur, do you value inspiration? When does it come for you? And how do you go about “finding it?”


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