For years I fantasized about owning my own business before I actually took the plunge. The dreams were big and exciting.

The creative spirit in me was just waiting to burst out and create. It took a while before reality crept in – the excitement of leaving the job and getting down to business was fun at first.  Within months of incorporating I realized the fantasy wasn’t the reality I was hoping for and the bubble had officially burst. Now four years into building my business I realized how green I was in those early years. Today I am stronger and more self aware – better from having experienced the character building steps I took along my startup journey.

I did a lot with little support and resources. Now I have a team and community and the challenge of removing myself from working “in” my business, to working “on” business is really  top of mind but way more pressure. More to lose.

My super power  kryptonite (aka my weakness) is like many business owners –  the insecurity of  feeling like I don’t know what the hell I am doing!

The good news about that awful revelation is that I am not alone. I attended a conference last week with 500+ business owners and many of those individuals were extremely successful. But guess what?

When asked the question – “Do you really feel like you know what you are doing?” 

The answer in the audience was a sea of hands waiving no.

What a relief. I am not alone. This made me feel a lot better. It made me realize it was about time I stop beating myself up. To stop judging myself so harshly. We are all vulnerable and unsure of ourselves and that’s okay. These feelings are not facts.


Revelation number 1:

All business owners feel like they are “winging it”.  Their “kryptonite” is the insecure, vulnerable feeling that they don’t fit in and aren’t smart enough to succeed in the long run .   A scary feeling for sure. Just take a deep breath and know we have all been there.


Revelation number 2:

The answer to the weakness (super kryptonite) is in the super power knowledge that you can build a supportive community who will stand by you and help protect you from your kryptonite. In time you will realize most of experience the same doubt (although some hide it better) and that we can help and reassure each other when we feel like giving up and giving into our insecurities.

So please take solace in the fact that you are NOT alone. We are all scared.. We all cried over our business blues. Have faith.

You will figure it out. You are creative and resourceful and well connected.

Your super power is fueled through your collective…. your community – go harness it now.
A true hero never does it alone.





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