Where were you a year ago?

A year ago was a sad time in my life. My mother in law was sick and dying and I would soon be diagnosed with the shingles, likely due to stress. I was also preparing for our 5th annual conference which was, to say the least, a very busy and overwhelming affair!

In early January, I met with Shelagh Cummins for a coaching session. The purpose of the session was to plan out a more financially successful year. What transpired was a rather emotional conversation about how deflated I felt.

Got a Gremlin on your shoulder? 

I didn’t know it at the time but what came out of the session was the recognition of an awful voice speaking to me. We called it the gremlin (or troll) on my shoulder who sat telling me:

  • You are not good enough
  • You are an imposter
  • You can’t get your shit together
  • You will never get ahead
  • Why are you so emotional?
  • Why don’t you know your numbers?
  • You are a loser.

Shelagh calmly stopped me. Told me it was time to put this to rest. I listed out all the bad thoughts about myself on a piece of paper in one column. I wept openly as I wrote. When I finished she said okay Leigh what do you know to be actually true? 

I wrote after reflection:

  • You are strong
  • You are kind and well respected
  • You are smart
  • You are resourceful
  • You are inspiring
  • You are present
  • You are free

I walked away from that session with a new plan. Let’s call it the “Thrive in my Life” Plan.

  • I would travel more and see Canada. I would set personal goals for myself outside of work and start measuring success beyond the all mighty dollar.
  • I would focus on all that I was grateful for. That included being a citizen and business owner in Canada.
  • I would help women and my fellow Canadians have a great sense of financial wellbeing. Strive to find a new level of leadership within themselves and above all else be mindful. Accept and embrace who they are.
  • I would continue to be vulnerable on stage even if it meant “appearing to be weak” because I knew that wasn’t true. It led to the courage to complete my very first keynote in April of that year! I nailed it! I also completed a half marathon in the fall of that year.
  • I would advocate for a more balanced approach to life. One where I said no to burn out and yes to more play.
  • I would encourage my fellow members not to ignore their health and embrace their playfulness.
  •  Women in Biz Network’s  programs would address the “whole” person.
  • I would rally my community to find work that evoked purpose and passion.
  • We would thrive together. 

So here I am launching Thrive in Canada. No changes to Women in Biz Network beyond what is stated above. Just a new home and challenge for my fellow community members to thrive in their lives!

I always felt I had to expand globally to be taken seriously. Now I realize that I want a smaller piece of the pie at least at this point in my journey. I want to make a difference here in Canada and that’s what I am setting out to do. Thrive in Canada and I want you to come on the journey with us!