For a long time, business-owners have believed that social good was only for non-profits. The growing trend of successful social enterprise is challenging that idea. Gone are the days where business and social change were at odds; we’ve entered a new world of business where helping create change can be both beneficial and profitable.

Consumers today are more in tune with world issues than ever before.

When it comes to making purchases, people are using their dollar to vote for change by supporting companies who employ practices aimed at helping the global community.

  • Green products are in.
  • Healthy living is in.
  • Helping others through your business is in.

Environmentalism and conservation efforts appeal to people across the board, which opens the door for companies to make a difference while also managing personal success.

If you’re interested in starting a for-profit social enterprise, now is a great time to do it. Rather than using a traditional non-profit business model where fundraising is necessary, the model used in a for-profit social enterprise is one that attracts capital. Investors are your main resource, and your pitch is extremely important. Experts on social industry say that a solid business plan is imperative to creating these social startups. Without an iron-clad business model, you are unlikely to entice even the keenest investors.

  • You must be as practical in your approach to business as you are passionate about change.

Even companies that are already well established can find ways to incorporate social good into their business practices. The objective is to work to create improvements in your community and the world beyond in your business practices.

  • To get started, it’s important to find a cause that matters to your clients, yourself and your staff.

It also helps if you work to create change that will impact your industry as a whole, that way your efforts will draw attention and your business will gain ground.

  • When you work to make changes that are in line with your company culture, pre-existing beliefs and core values, it becomes easier to get your point across without seeming disingenuous.

Tying your cause into your industry is not the only way to become successful when creating social good, as many as half of consumers admit they will pay more for products and services with a focus in creating social change. As long as you’re passionate about creating change in the world, your clients will be glad to support your efforts.

Working towards social good isn’t just about looking good or being able to say that you have done it. This isn’t strictly about enticing investors and clientele. Being involved with social good can make a personal difference in your life and the way that you feel.

  • Helping others is a great way to help yourself!

Consider the way that your life might change if you began to push for a company-wide focus on sustainability. How might you change if you were to engage in a socially-positive community project? Even small efforts make a huge difference in our perspective. When you take the time to understand the functioning business model of a for-profit social enterprise, you’ll be amazed to see the ways in which your inspiration comes to life.

Are you or someone you know making a difference through their business? Consider applying for the SocialforGood Award.