Manon from Savvy Social Solutions has been working with us a while now and just joined as a member.  We are so lucky to know her – she is absolutely amazing at what she does and she is so nice to work with. A winning combination!
1. Tell us about your business. Savvy Social Solutions, is a Social Media management and consulting company. We help small & medium size companies utilize social media as a tool to brand themselves, attract more clients, maintain & build customer relations. The company’s mission is helping individuals and businesses get started marketing themselves online using social tools. With over 20 years of Customer Experience with Fortune 500 Companies, I take pride in service and customer relations.
2. Other than being an entrepreneur, who are you? Tell us about yourself. I am a mom of two wonderful boys 10 & 12 year old, a dog lover and a student of life! I love fashion, good food & wine. I enjoying spending time with my family, reading, connecting with others on social media (Twitter mostly). I have a dream of having a fashion related business one day (work in progress) and staying as fit as I can…being over 40 and all! I am a strong advocate of children’s literacy as one of my sons was diagnosed with ADHD and a severe learning Disability which has made his learning experience a very difficult one.
3. What motivated you to go into business for yourself? My children, I wanted (and still do) show my son’s that you can do anything you set your mind to and by going after something that terrified me I knew I would be modeling that to them: “go beyond your fears and accomplish wonderful things for yourself”. I always wanted to be self-employed so for me this is a big accomplishment, the idea of giving up is quickly turn around when I think of the impact that would have on my children.
 4. How do you overcome challenges and obstacles in your business? Watching my son deal with his given challenges is teaching me to persevere and work through the hurdles. If he can do it then I have no excuses, my children are my biggest inspiration. That is what keeps me going and my support system.
 5. What are your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur? Visionary and my ability to sell, I can see things very clearly and can share that vision very easily.

Connect with Manon on Twitter at @sociallysavvy4u