Event Description

Unleash the Writer Within: Workshop opens you to conscious, consistent and compelling writing.

This 1 day workshop is designed to help you energetically clear fears and blocks around writing so you can integrate the practice of writing into your everyday life. With consistency and continuity, tools and skills for refinement and a supportive community of like-minded writers to interact with, you’ll find more ease and flow in your writing, your writing life and any projects you want to begin or have on the go.

This workshop addresses questions on techniques, tools and consistency, both for written content and the practice of integrating writing into your everyday life. You’ll be powerfully guided to step into yourself more as a writer so you can create quality, refined writing that’s audience-ready. During this workshop you will get your pen to the page to blueprint and begin drafting your writing project. Whether you’re working on a book, building a blog, refining articles, or creating marketing materials, Unleash the Writer Within: Workshop will open you to a consistency in writing that allows the process to become easy, joyful and profoundly fulfilling.

Event Details

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
City: Burlington, ON
Location of Event: The Halton Hive, 901 Guelph Line
Price: $197

How can people register?

Here on my website: https://www.jennymckaig.com/index.php?p=Events,View&id=39&inf_contact_key=c325f40e26f566e3d391d1f64436232f66f1c6676aa986ecf426aeca125eaee7

What will attendees learn?

You will learn:

*Deeply connected, intuitive techniques to propel you forward with ease in writing (and in life!)

*To tune into your creative flow and receive clarity on your topic, chapters, completed book, blogs, video scripts, web copy, articles & social media content.

*How to hone your energy and become connected with your inner writer

*How to tune into your creativity and craft stories and content with ease

*How to gain confidence in your writing, dissolve fears and blocks with creativity, writing and allowing your words to flow

*Techniques that make writing easy and enjoyable!?

*A crystal clear way to access the words within so you can harness your most authentic, powerful voice in writing

*How to write in a way that magnetizes your ideal readers and clients to you!

*How to emerge as your most creative, authentic self in writing and in life

*With concepts from Unleash the Writer Within and expanded exercises to deepen your writing connection, you’ll find writing becomes a tangible, connected and consistent aspect of your life.


Do you have a special offer or incentive for WIBN members to attend?

The original price of this event is $247 but the sale is $197. The sale ends Sunday Sept. 27th but the sale price will remain available for WIBN members with PROMO CODE: UTWW-2015

Also if a WIBN member gets 3 or people to sign up they will receive their pass for free.

Connect on Twitter and at https://www.jennymckaig.com/index.php?p=Events,View&id=39&inf_contact_key=c325f40e26f566e3d391d1f64436232f66f1c6676aa986ecf426aeca125eaee7 and at https://www.facebook.com/jmwrites