$125 value for $30

Join Sharon Jones and Nuala Donaghy from beabetteryou.ca for an insightful and interactive morning to uncover your True Colors.

When: Tuesday, March 8th,2011 – 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Where: Artisanos Cafe & Bakery, 1020 Islington Avenue , Toronto, ON M8Z 6A4
(QEW & Islington) – FREE PARKING

What’s Included: Continental Breakfast,  True Colours Workshop, True Colours Course Material,  Gift Bag

Price: $30 (includes HST – 827002601RT0001)

Bottom Line: We think attending this course is so important that we have dropped our price. Here is why we think it is so important to attend.


As entrepreneurs, we sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we should be able to do it all… from business concepts to book keeping, from marketing to managing people, from sales to business plans. Fact is, some of us excel in relationships and others find them difficult. Organizing and scheduling their whole week would be a joyous task to some personality types and close to punishment for others. None of us can do everything with ease.

Understanding what makes you unique, talented and gifted is equally important to understanding where you need help! True Colors is an easy-to-use and accurate personality assessment tool based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Keirsey Temperament Theory.

Once you’ve discovered your innate abilities you can use those to your advantage in your business. You’ll understand and appreciate how to get the most from your customers, your suppliers and the people who work with you. You’ll also be able to breathe a sigh of relief when you start getting help with those areas that don’t come naturally to you.

Even if you’ve done True Colors before, take this opportunity to refresh your self-awareness and reinvigorate your business relationships in 2011.

The True Colors workshop will:

  • Shine a light on the ‘born-with’ talents and preferences within you enable you to tap into these innate skills and attributes help you excel in your roles – business and personal
  • Help you appreciate why it’s good that not everyone thinks like you do
  • Give you the information to find the best way to approach all the people in your life
  • Add more fun to your life as your understanding increases
  • If you have a business partner (or are considering the option) or you have employees consider the “bring a friend” ticket so that you can maximize your strength and work better as a team.

About the Trainers:

Nuala Donaghy and Sharon Jones. Two businesspeople, each with 20+ years’ of experience working in small, medium and large organisations. Now in second careers, one is a corporate trainer, the other, a psychotherapist. They combine the best from both disciplines to create custom training programs that target your company’s specific issues, resonate with employees and help refocus them on individual, team and company goals.

Sharon Jones, Corporate Trainer
Sharon’s career in the marketing and advertising industry worked well with her passion for finding the ‘sweet spot’ of information that would connect with the target audience, and create “Ah Ha!” moments for them. Sharon worked in the UK and in Canada with many blue?chip companies including Comcast Cable, Rogers, The Royal Bank, Hewlett Packard, and The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation. Sharon has trained many people during her career and empowered them to excel in their roles. In 2005, she became a consultant for small businesses, helping them reach new prospects.

Wanting to help people become the best they could be, Sharon became a certified Corporate Trainer in 2008 and continues to teach communications and interpersonal skills to professionals all over Canada. Sharon also works one-on-one to help professionals hone specific business skill sets.

Nuala Donaghy, B.A., R.I H.R., Psychotherapist
Nuala has always had a strong curiosity about people. She wants to know what shapes and motivates and what they want from life. And she wants to help them get it. This drive was evident as she coached and managed people throughout her marketing communications career. Nuala worked in the UK and in Canada at prestigious companies such as The Economist, British Telecom, and BMO Financial Group. In 2005, Nuala took her passion to school at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto where she studied psychotherapy. She holds the Canadian Examining Board’s Registered in Human Relations (R.I.H.R.) designation and is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrics and Psychotherapists. In addition to her corporate training through Be A Better You, Nuala has a private practice in Oakville where she works with people one-on-one to delve deeper into the core beliefs that hold people back from fulfilling their potential and finding happiness.