Welcome to episode 6 of our podcast.




What does it take for a women in leadership to thrive?

Tell us about your business

My unique perspective on women in today’s world is sure to grab attention, spark conversation, and have an impact on women. My past work has focused on a highly popularized icon of female identity in the West, the “superwoman” and stress. My research has garnered attention in the popular media and in Hollywood representations of working moms. I am much more than “just” an academic. I’m a long time business woman, partner in my own company (Optiviity Consulting Inc.), with a long history in the corporate world. I went back to academia after a 25-year hiatus to follow my passion. In addition to my research I also speak on topics such as women’s leadership, work-life balance, stress and the superwoman, empowerment versus disempowerment and other topics related to women’s health and well-being, and have been featured on radio, television and the women’s events as a panelist and/or guest speaker.

What advice would you suggest to have a life and business based on the Thrive philosophy?

To thrive means to grow, to flourish, to succeed. The key for me to thrive in both is to exercise balance between both life and business. Having said that, to sustain this, I give myself “permission”, to let this slip once in a while and to NOT feel GUILTY about it!

Something has to “give” sometimes and that’s ok. Tomorrow is another day!