erica610x358A lot of people don’t know this (or maybe they do)  but I am a research freak and  classic over analyzer. While a lot of people I assume I fly by the seat of my pants, I actually rarely do. Although I second guess myself a lot and have been know to  change my mind a lot. Indecision is awful.

Analysis Paralysis

Running my business has taught me that analysis paralysis is deadly. I have learned over the years and try not to go around in a vicious cycle of indecision but instead give myself 24 hours or more to make a good decision then move on.

Interviewing Other Entrepreneurs to See if It is For You

I am not a risk taker by nature and often my business decisions lead me to have panic attacks. I literally have to hold the wall and breath deeply to calm down. So when I started out on the mission to consider giving up a very comfortable government job years ago (I had taken a leave of absence), I had to be completely sure that entrepreneurship was worth the risk. So I decided a savvy way to gather information and also make great contacts was to interview successful women. How did I do that? Well I just e-mailed them and asked.

My Interview with Erica Ehm

Erica Ehm was one of the first interviewees that I reached out too.  Here is that interview – read it she has wonderful advice and tips.

I remember being completely shocked that she answered the email so quickly and also that she continued to have a dialogue with me via email.  She was Erica Ehm – didn’t she have an assistant to answer her inquiries? Nope. I was thrilled! We decided on a phone interview and I still remember the words of wisdom she shared with me to this day, and as a control freak, I still carry these words with me…..


 Advice I never Expected…

“I was nominated for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the year award and when I was interviewed I was asked if I was a risk taker. I said I thought there was less of risk in being your own boss because I was in control of the work I took on and the money I could make. Yes, you have the luxury of salary when you are employed but you can’t control if you get fired or even the money that you make. It is decided by someone else.”
After seeing my husband downsized out of two positions I can clearly see that she is right and I remember that every time I feel the uncertainty of my entrepreneurial life. As entrepreneurs we need good advice and support.  That’s why I developed the WIBN Conference.


Join Erica and I at the WIBN 3rd Annual Conference and learn best practices from successful women like you





 Want to hear more about Erica’s experience and her advice?


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