Guest Post: written by Jennifer Hazen of What a Business!

This offer is for WIBN Members Only 


Offer Expires: August 15, 2012


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Have you noticed that it’s always Friday? 

An old friend made this astute observation, suggesting that for her, time goes by very quickly. 

When friends and colleagues ask me, “How do you manage your paperwork?” My answer is simple.  

The secret to self-managing paperwork is to create a system that works.

And, to dedicate time to maintaining it. 

When do I do my paperwork? Almost every Friday afternoon.  

How about you?  

Are you feeling time crunched? Falling behind in your paperwork? 

If so, peace of mind is just around the corner. 

For a limited time, here’s a solution to your paperwork woes: an exclusive offer for Women in Biz Network members only. 

Would you like to: 

  • Find ‘lost’ opportunities under a desktop of debris 
  • Turn a messy desk into “command central” so that vital information is at your fingertips 
  • Tidy up a cluttered office/home office and turn it into an organized and productive work environment 
  • Clear a backlog of filing 
  • Organize bills, invoices and receipts into a proper system for your bookkeeper or accountant 
  • Update your database or CRM with important leads that need to be followed up

The Fast & Frugal Fix service gets results without big spending. What you get – and what it costs… 

·         You get a free ½ hour on-site consultation and a special member’s rate of $18/hour – that’s almost a 50% savings.

What you have to do… 

  1. Here’s how to take advantage of this offer: 
  2. Decide which items from the list above need attention 
  3. If you are a WIBN MEMBER please e-mail Leigh Mitchell, WIBN  so she can arrange a free  ½ hour consultation and receive a no obligation quote from Jennifer Hazen.

Don’t wait! This offer expires August 15, 2012 and is available on a first come, first served basis.

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