Thank you to the Women in my Life #IWD2018

Today I am not attending any events, I am not promoting my business with a sale or an incentive. I am simply reflecting on how my life has changed in the last eight years.

If it weren’t for the women in my life supporting and encouraging me I wouldn’t be here.

If it weren’t for the tweetup community who came to my very first event held in a small venue called Artisano’s I wouldn’t be writing this post. Thank you to Kathy Buckworth, Maureen Dennis, and Roger Pierce for the support that frightening day.

Interestingly enough, it actually was my husband Rob Mitchell who lit the fire for me to run with that event and also my first conference. If it weren’t for him believing in me I would have likely just gone back to my government job. He was so brave when he told me to go ahead even though he had just lost his job. He was brave and saw something in what I was doing (we actually) and together we went for it.

I have hosted thousands of events, tweetups, training and attended events of others in order to connect, grow and share with other women. The journey has taught me countless lessons about myself, about the world and how we treat each other. I have to say the majority of it has been very positive.

I am stronger, more fulfilled and wiser for all I have been through as an entrepreneur. I want to spend today working and reflecting on how lucky I am for Women in Biz Network and for all of you.

Now go hug someone already!


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