Great Wolf Lodge
If you are looking for a family staycation getaway look no further then Great Wolf Lodge . With Family Day around the corner (and a long weekend too) why not spend some quality bonding with  kids and enjoying waterslides.  Plus you can even get some time to yourself parents with activities such as the “No Parents Club” – sounds like “Fun for Parents Club” to me.  I have returned yet another time after my initial visit because my kids are IN LOVE with the place and are all too happy to spend their beloved birthday money on the cause! I love it because of the relaxed nature of Great Wolf Lodge – any place where I can hang out in my PJ’s in the hallways is top notch in my mind.







Great Wolf Lodge

We were all blown away by the front lobby!


Great Wolf Lodge Newbie Tips

  • MagiQuest  – We had heard about the water park in advance but it wasn’t until our 5 year cousin told us all about MagiQuest that we realized one of the huge draws to Great Wolf Lodge. With a magic wand in-hand, you’ll explore an enchanted kingdom and join in the ultimate adventure as you enchant objects, befriend a pixie, learn from an ancient wizard, battle a goblin and outwit a dragon. We guarantee this live-action adventure game is unlike any other you’ve ever played. You’re sure to become legendary when the getaway you planned becomes epic. Bottom Line: Be prepared that your kids will want to play this game as it gives them tweenhood independence – hide it from the 5 year old if you don’t want to “quest” yourself. You must purchase the wands but they are reusable for when you come back. Opened to 11 pm daily.
  • Water Park  – It is crazy amazing. We all had a blast. All adults and kids need fun – this place delivers big time! When I needed quiet time I went to the 16+ swim outside outdoor  hot tub. The snow fell at night making it super peaceful. The Water park is open to 9 pm nightly. Evening is great for the water park  as it is easier to get on all the slides quickly.

Great Wolf Lodge WaterPark

  • Rooms come with microwave and good sized fridges – don’t bring microwave popcorn with you though it is strictly forbidden. Not a big deal for us as we stopped eating that a long time ago. There is a good grocery store Zehrs close by to fill up on fruits and snacks.
  • Prices at the snack bars in the pool are very reasonable – the food isn’t super nutritious but the options are reasonable which we aren’t expecting including a drink for mom while dad is on duty!
  • The staff are very nice and well trained – everyone goes out of their way to be helpful.
  • Travel mid week to maintain sanity! When we left Saturday mid day I found it PACKED so I was glad that we arrived for our stay on a Thursday night.
  • Evening Story Time a big hit – A time when the pool area is very quiet! Morning Wolf Walk is fun and keeps the attention of the preschoolers – our boys our five and 10 weren’t all too interested.  I think I was more excited to go then there were sadly
  • There is more to do then you can manage in a 1-2 night trip. We focused on the water park for the most. We were so impressed by the quality of the life-guarding. Safety is number one for sure.
  • Having a birthday? Let staff know – they put birthday banners on the door and announce child’s name at story time!
  • Casual is cool! I love that PJ’s is acceptable for walking around the hotel, also  the hotel is really quite small to let the older kids have fun exploring on their own when completing MagiQuest.
  • We had a room with separate bunk bed quarters (see below)  perfect for the three birthday party boys. The kids loved this! Our youngest was on a the pull out couch – so we had plenty of room
  • Consider a late check out – we utilized it to the very end!




GreatWolf Wands


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