J. M. Henderson is the founder of her own market research and copywriting firm, Secret Agent Research , as well as a business journalist for Forbes  in the area of early career issues and an award-winning blogger . Her clients come from fields as diverse as law, government, UX design and emerging tech and her work has appeared in venues such as The Atlantic, NPR and Salon. J. M. is regularly called upon to provide perspective as a media expert in the areas of Millennial culture and generational issues. A frequent speaker, she has taught hundreds of college and university students how to navigate the brave new world of career planning and job hunting.

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

I see a lot of small businesses and startups laboring under the delusion that “everyone” is their customer and then ending up disappointed when “everyone” isn’t knocking down their door. When they get sick of seeing the tumbleweeds blow past, they call me.

I work with companies to help them identify their target market (figuring out who you should be marketing your business to) and reach them (where to find your ideal customer and how to talk to them when you do). Market research affects everything from marketing copy to web design to product features to your social media presence. The more you can learn about your customers and what makes them tick, the easier it is to create offers that appeal to their needs and drive sales .

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

Marketing your business and selling your services or products depends on knowing your customers. I want attendees to realize that their marketing efforts should begin with intimately understanding what makes their target market tick and that everything else flows from this knowledge.

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