Public-speakingSo last week I presented at the Women Living Big Conference on “Public Speaking Hacks”. Public speaking is up there with catching a cold or going to the dentist. According to studies – some of you would rather die than speak on stage (or a meeting etc). 

Here are a few of my favourite speaking hack ideas:

  1. Breathe, breathe, Breathe and drink water. Pause if you have to.
  2. Move around and don’t keep your hands by your side (embrace your inner Italian)
  3. Need to use notes? Use bullet points with big fonts and colours for easy reading
  4. Visual success  – get exercise and prioritise SLEEP leading up to your big day
  5. Have fun,  For me, the act of dancing on stage calms my nerves but if that’s not appropriate try and exercise before hand if you can
  6. Don’t rely on Powerpoint alone and if you use Powerpoint or other AV keep it simple
  7. Practice first on Facebook Live or Periscope or other mediums where there is a “live” aspect
  8. If you don’t feel comfortable on the stage by yourself then look for panel opportunities
  9. Ask questions and be interactive if you can – it uses up time
  10. Don’t sell on stage – Trust me it never works  – if they like you they will buy from you anyway.
  11. Push the nasty inner critic off your shoulder – if you freeze – who cares – no one will remember later
  12. Just be yourself. Remember practice breeds confidence. So if you can have a signature talk and get comfortable with it.
  13. Last but not least don’t take yourself too seriously. This is one of my favourite videos…. “How to sound smart in your TED Talk” by Will Stephen – so funny you will die but not from public speaking.