At Women in Biz Network, we are in the business of helping women access more equal opportunities to live, lead and earn. We believe that collaboration is key to reversing the gendered impact the pandemic has had on many of your careers, your companies, and your mental health. When we heard what Jenny, from tellent, was creating we knew we wanted to be part of the solution and support this initiative.  


tellent has just launched an eight-week digital program called the Propeller Experience that will help you find (or build) work that is worthy of you AND work that works for you in our new “normal”. 


If you have lost your job, your industry, your direction or your revenue, this program will help. There are two key elements that make this program unique: 


  • It covers Mindset + Skill set + Networking. The program addresses the mind and belief system first – giving you clarity on what you want from your career and your life. She then takes a gendered approach to skills training (leadership, entrepreneurship and digital skills) to help you get there faster. But her program doesn’t stop there… when you have completed the eight week program, you will have access to job search and business launch support for a further six months in a private community of coaches and women, supporting each other. 


  • The price. All of Jenny’s instructors have come together with their corporate sponsor Randstad, to help you rebuild a better “normal” for your career and your life. Women’s labour force participation is currently at a 20 year low. We all agree this is unacceptable and by working together, we have BROUGHT THE COST DOWN from $1,975 to $280 per learner. No, that is not an error but there are only a limited number of seats at the price.

The course starts on March 8th and you can sign up here  

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Jenny has worked tirelessly to bring to market a solution that will have an impact at an individual level (you) and societal level. She is determined, authentic and committed to making a national impact on gender equality. You don’t want to miss out on joining this program.