Guest Post: contributed by Jennifer Hazen of What a Business!

A good friend once compared doing administrative work to changing a box of stinky kitty litter.

I laughed out loud.

While his comment was smart and funny, I understood where he was coming from.

Paperwork is not compelling like social media. Keeping on top of administrative work can be a chore.

But having a good paper-trail in business is essential. Just ask a bookkeeper or the taxman.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get the work done, painlessly.

For the Do-it-Yourself-er:

  • Review your schedule for an open time slot. Book a weekly or bi-weekly appointment with yourself, as you would a meeting with a client. Use the time for administrative tasks only. Be consistent, so the work doesn’t pile up. Reward yourself for getting the work done!

Finding help on a tight budget:

  • Buddy up with a colleague who has complementary skills and exchange services
  • Hire an intern or a business college student in a co-op program

Hiring a professional:

  • Timeshare an Assistant with another business owner, or hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Outsource tasks that don’t generate ‘direct’ revenue

Grow your business by doing what you love!