Your commitment to lifting women up shines through in everything you do — from how well you organize events, to how you use your own life & work story to inspire so many. Working with Women in Biz Network is always a pleasure.

-Danielle LaPorte, Author

Strong, supportive, and Thriving Network

Joining WIBN has proven invaluable for my business! Not only do I have abundant opportunities to gain visibility in front of my ideal clients, but I’ve received numerous referrals. When it comes to making lasting connections, Leigh Mitchell has that “magic touch”. I recommend becoming a WIBN member to anyone who is looking to boost their business.

-Kamara Toffolo, LinkedIn Global Voice & Resume Writer

Solve any Challenge you are Facing – Personally or Professionally

Leigh has a wonderful energy about her and in every interaction, you can see her focus and dedication to creating the best member experience. If you are a woman in biz, I recommend checking out WIBN and attending a Thrive Mentor Mastermind Meeting to experience this first hand.

-Tracey Bisset, CFA

Best Decision I Ever Made

My corporate membership to WIBN has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After consultations with Leigh Mitchell, my brand connects with my target market more effectively. I can confidently say that WIBN offers unique and valuable events and trainers. I have gained so much from being a part of this great network

-Doris Chung, President, Liquid Ink

A big shoutout to Leigh for the work she has done building the Women in Biz Network and for the value she delivers in terms of monthly events and the expert professional mentoring network. I have turned to a couple of the mentors for advice as a new side-hustler. This helped me think bigger picture about some digital marketing I was investing in and saved me time and money. On the job connection front, I’ve also personally benefited from Leigh’s vast network of employer connections. In fact, my current consulting contract is a direct result of Leigh’s employer connections and her recommendation to go after this role. Thank you Leigh for your expertise, your connections and all the value you’ve built in terms of the Woman in Biz Network.

-Verity Dimmock, Vice President, Business Development and Workforce Consulting, OTEC


Marketing & HR/DEI Training

I love working with Leigh Mitchell, Leigh is whip-smart – she is like a firecracker in most ways (energetic and illuminating).  I respect and admire her very much.

-Randy Chan, Director of Strategic and Consumer Marketing, Penguin Random House Canada


Building great partnerships works when you are able to partner with smart, creative and motivated people who will see the concept through.

-Suzanne Vukosavljevic, Director of Public Relations, Young Drivers of Canada

I highly recommend Leigh Mitchell, a strategic thinker and small business strategist with exceptional social media marketing skills. Leigh is collaborative and works exceptionally well as part of a team always suggesting ways to make our event better. She marketed the event on Twitter and we had more than 500,000 people view our tweets.

Jennifer Beale, Publicist, Unleash PR

Leigh was able, in a relatively short time, to bring our entire team up to speed on many aspects of social media. Using SM as a marketing tool, helping us chose apps and tools that would accelerate our next stage of growth, and all the while answering any and all questions with patience.
-Linda Cunningham, CEO, Green Apple Kids/Windermere Kids


The QR code scan was the most helpful, as my company does not do business cards. Not only was it easier for me to add new contacts, it was also a great conversation piece, and by the end of the week I noticed many other people using it to connect!

Thanks Leigh! I joined Leigh’s “Mastering LinkedIn” course through WNORTH, right before a conference. The timing was great, as it enabled me sharpen my profile and learn some useful tools prior to networking with more than a hundred professionals. The QR code scan was the most helpful, as my company does not do business cards. Not only was it easier for me to add new contacts, it was also a great conversation piece, and by the end of the week I noticed many other people using it to connect! 

-Ariel White, WNorth


Our “Her Own Boss” participants had a great time during Leigh Mitchell’s presentation. She conveyed her wealth of knowledge engagingly and clearly, in a way that spoke to all different types of businesswomen in our group, no matter their age or background. Leigh shared some great lessons and best practices for anyone looking for a business mentor or to expand their network. Some of her shared strategies include: telling your story, being in places where you can meet new people, making it easy for others to reach out and connect. The presentation was an overwhelming success! Leigh had an answer for every tough question, and she was so engaging throughout that not one participant later said they got distracted or lost interest! We received positive feedback from all our participants, and Leigh got rave reviews.

– Serah Gazali, Director of Program and Impact at Women’s Economic Council


Leigh makes good things happen. Through her own expertise and by tapping in to her broad network she is able to assemble the plan and resources needed to help people accomplish their goals – from solving business HR and communications challenges, to supporting individual career growth. Leigh’s relentless dedication to supporting and enabling women in business is inspiring. She is constantly learning, building and sharing with her community – one look at her Women In Biz and Bee Happy HR web content illustrates her team’s progressive ideas, practices and services designed to help move everyone forward.

-Alison Minato, Small Business Enterprise Centre Manager


Leigh delivered a powerful, information-packed session on LinkedIn for us at Company of Women. She took the time to find out what everyone wanted to learn and then was able to weave that information info her presentation. The women appreciated her generosity in sharing what she knew and helping them get better acquainted with the platform. I would highly recommend Leigh.

-Anne Day, Founder Full Circle Publishing

Thank you so much for speaking to our TGIW-LHH job search & networking group. Your insights into the interviewing process and what your clients are looking for are very appreciated. Your energetic presentation was very memorable. Thank you again for speaking to TGIW.

-Dana Michael, US Job Search Consulting Group


Leigh is an innovative, creative Marketing Executive CEO who accomplishes business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans; implementing sales plans; managing clients in a timely manner. Leigh assisted me in numerous ways. She helped me to think through my career plans by assisting me in brand development, positioning, competitive analysis and creative services. In addition, she is a warm, caring person who is always available to help give perspective to tough questions!

-Silvia de le Fe Gonzalez


“Leigh is a wonderful mentor, colleague, and friend. Her expert advice and support in marketing, business development and community management were indispensable to getting Shecosystem off the ground. She leads with heart and authenticity. Leigh is the reason that thousands of women nationwide trust Women in Biz Network to connect them with the people, support, and resources that help them thrive”

-Emily Antflick, Founder, SheCoSystem


“Leigh Mitchell is an expert at using social media to build your business. Leigh has supported my larger business events many times, and her service resulted in wider social media coverage, including more than 1 million views on Instagram.  I highly recommend Leigh Mitchell to support you on your online marketing programs.”

-Jennifer Beale, Founder, Unleash PR


“Building great partnerships works when you are able to partner with smart, creative and motivated people who will see the concept through.  Leigh is one of those people.  I worked with Leigh to bring Young Drivers of Canada a positive onsite and online experience for the WIBN Conferences.  What I loved was not only her help in each part of the YD activation but also the results package she sent to me after the conference. The results speak volumes and I have happily worked with Leigh for a couple years now.”

-Suzanne Vukosavljevic, Director of Public Relations, Young Drivers of Canada


“I had the good fortune of meeting and working with Leigh through a client activation for the 2013 Women in Biz Conference. From our first interaction, she displayed the utmost professionalism and made the process of organizing the project an absolute pleasure. Leigh is personable, hard-working, and incredibly creative. I sincerely hope I have the chance to work with her again in the future.”

-Alicia Olive, Account Executive at Weber Shandwick


“When Leigh invited me to join her on the Women in Biz Network Team, I was intrigued – and incredibly excited. Leigh’s unwavering dedication to her growing network of business professionals has inspired me since I first met her. While she’s smart and packs more than her fair share of business acumen, she’s also incredibly cognizant that business is always personal. Working with Leigh has reinforced my initial opinions of her and I would highly recommend her to anyone or any company that wants to tap into the power of community – both online and off.”

-Julia Rosien, Vice President Brand & Digital Marketing, Restonic 


“Leigh welcomed me into her network to conduct a Twitter training and assisted with the promotion of the event. Leigh truly understands business and has amazing follow-through skills. She is a brilliant networker and works hard to bring other brilliant women the tools they require to make their business’ success.”

-Sherri Rossi, CHRP, Human Resources Consultant



WomenInBiz are creating an incredible network of support in moving social savvy, go getting entrepreneurs moving forward.  Thanks for a truly rocking event!

– Jennifer Powell 


Leigh, I am so completely impressed with this day.  You are powerful women and I am happy to be a part of your network. Congrats!

-Sherri Rossi (Findability Solutions)


Fabulous workshop – covered topics that are helpful for people starting a business as well as people who have been established in their businesses for a long time.  Looking forward to next year!

-Sharon Summers (TrenDSpa)


I am a work alone mom in an industry that can feel lonely at times.  Thanks to the WIBN, I now have an amazing network of inspirational women to lean on.  Thank you for filling a very big void in my business life.

–Lindsay Peddle (Buy, Borrow & Style Interiors)


Thank you so much! Truly fantastic day! Awesome energy, fun, educational tips, and so much more.  Thrilled to take part and interact with all these amazing business women! –

-Jen Brouer, Jennifer Brouer Design


I’ve met so many inspiring women and heard so many great women speak today.  AS a mom working on launching her own business, on her own, in a silo, this event makes me believe I can do this!

– Anjum Choudry Nayyar (masaamammas.com)

Such a great day! I feel so inspired!

– Karen Hewko (Hamilton Baby Expo & Toddler Expo)


I feel honoured to be in a room full of “celebrities” I met through Twitter – so much power and support from all these amazing women. I am truly inspired as I prepare to launch my business.

– Michele Stalker


A fantastic event that delivered much more than it promised.  Fantastic. Wouldn’t have missed it!

– Jacki Yovanoff 

I am so thrilled to be a part of the first annual Women IN Biz Conference! I knew it would be good, but I had no idea what I was becoming a part of until I got here and started listening to the guest speakers. Awesome! Powerful! Supportive! Unstoppable Women!

– Melissa Cowan (MelOnMarketing)


Women In Biz Conference allowed me to take a step back and go back to my business, apply what I learn, to continue to grow {sic}. The networking and fun from the conference was also a great break and much needed!

–Kim Edmiston


I absolutely love the speakers at the Women In Biz events because their experiences are relatable &info directly applicable to my business.

– Alexandria Durrell


For a first conference, Women In Biz Network Conference was great! Well organized, informative and comfortable!

– Maja Zelenovic (Real Estate- Sutton Quantum)


This was a great event.  Just being in a room full of women entrepreneurs is inspiring on its own – let alone hearing from the various experts – it has been amazing.

– Marina Zelenovic (Zen Beginnings)


100% positive conference content, speakers, location, network.

– Terri Bannan 


Learned, laughed and got loot – Thanks!

– Stephanie Campbell (Campbell Communications)


Really well organized, stayed on time, followed the format, learned lots.

– Janet Auty Carlisle (Living La Vida Fearless Coaching Services)


I have been sold on Twitter today – learned a lot about it and see the benefit.  I will keep you posted! –

-Daniela Hofmann (Freedom Medi-Spa)


Every speaker filled the room with great passion and tips for helping small business grow.  Great, well planned event.  Will be back next year!

– Shaindy Alexander (RINGLEY Natural Teething Toy)


My first Women In Biz Conference and found the energy and entrepreneurship fantastic all day long. The speakers were first rate and exceptional. I would highly recommend any woman entrepreneur to consider the Women In Biz Conference. It was well worth it!

– Laura Warburton (Artist)


Great day for beginning businesses!

– Carly Foster (Sweet World Media)


Great to be surrounded by other moms who are in business. The speakers understand what we are going through as mompreneurs and are speaking from the same experiences we are going through! I’ve been to many conferences, and I feel like I fit in here.  Fantastic topics, great energy, amazing conference!

– Monica LaVella (Hamilton Baby & Toddler Expo)


Excellent conference, excellent execution, excellent price point!

–Elvira Hopper 


Great venue, fantastic food,  engaging speakers… wonderful conference.

– Kimberly McCarthy Kearney (Elements of Style)


Wow! Talk about overdelivering.  Every element was top notch! Congratulations on a fantastic first conference!

– Nikki Glahn 


Fabulous job ladies! I am so glad to have attended.

– Tamara Champion (bynature.ca)


Wonderful event! Looking forward to next year’s conference!

–Renee Walker (Mothers on Fire)