Let’s face it, we’re all busy.   Especially when we’re running a company and a household.  So who has time to wait?

As much as we hate it, it’s inevitable that we’ll have to make the dreaded call to our credit card company, utilities provider, airline etc. and be placed on hold for what feels like an eternity.  And that’s after you’ve spent 15 minutes navigating their endless, unfriendly automated phone system to find the right department.  If the sound of this makes you cringe, then you’ll love Fast Customer.

Fast Customer lets you call over 2,000 companies in the US and Canada with only 2 taps.  No more listening to the entire automated message, but more importantly, no more waiting on the phone for a live Customer Service Representative to take your call. That’s because Fast Customer will call you when there’s a real person at the end of the other line.

As a smartphone addict, I have to say this is the perfect tool to use when you find yourself calling in the middle of the day (during high call volume).  By using Fast Customer and not having to wait, you’re saving on your daytime minutes and who doesn’t love that?

Some of the Canadian companies on Fast Customer include Rogers, Aeroplan, Air Canada, Air Miles, Bell Canada, Best Buy, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, WestJet, Telus, Purolator and Toronto Hydro.  Other big names include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Toshiba, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Marriott, Time Warner, Apple and Yahoo.  

Honestly, from a technological standpoint, I have no idea how they do it.  But I don’t care.  Fast Customer works and what’s even better is that the app is free!

So spend the extra time working on your business and let Fast Customer do the mundane work. 

Don’t you love it when you can delegate work to others?


App:  Fast Customer

Cost:  Free

Available for: iOS, Android 

Fast Customer (Productivity Tool For Busy People) - Results Junkies

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