Social media management for your business is extremely time consuming but  not engaging in social media is a huge mistake for your business strategy. Social media  it is such a great marketing tool and provides rich data for your business. So after testing a variety of software over the years  I settled on managing my social media duties with 5 tools that all work together collaboratively. 


Here are my five Top Social Media Management Tools:

  1. SocialBro (for intelligence)
  2. Buffer for fast posting of links
  3. Hootsuite for managing all my social media streams from one screen
  4. Feedly to store content links that I will buffer and tweet


The first tool I will focus on is Socialbro:


SocialBro is a tool to manage and analyze your Twitter community. With SocialBro you will be able to learn more about your community thanks to different search criteria and filters that can be applied to your followers and friends. SocialBro’s technology allows you to download all your community to your Chrome Web Browser and browse them even if you are offline.

SocialBro.comFeatures of Socialbro

  • Targeting. Target the right audience on Twitter
  • Search for new followers and filter e.g. by location, influence or keywords to grow your Twitter community
  • Use the Search and Filter options to target potential customers, clients and influencers
  • Analyze your competitors’ Twitter accounts
  • Monitor Hashtags, Keywords and URLs to target specific users Engagement.
  •  Best Time to Tweet report enables you to utilize every tweet you send.
  • Discover the interests of your community so that you can tailor messages to get followers’ attention
  • Schedule your tweets in advance using Hootsuite and Bufferapp
  • Identify your influencers and supporters
  • Organize your community using tags and notes
  • Analytics. View powerful insights about your community enabling you to build.
  • In-depth stats about your Twitter community including location, languages, influence, Twitter activity
  •  Analyze competitors’ accounts, Twitter lists, Twitter searches and text files.
  • Improve the quality of your Twitter community
  • Powerful influence data using Kred and the Peerindex score Management. Use tools that enable you to engage with your contacts and community more efficiently.
  • Manage multiple accounts -Create and manage your Twitter lists
  • Easily follow new followers/ competitor’s followers/ influential people
  • Easily unfollow inactive friends/ spammers/ noisy users.
  • Improve your CRM and responsiveness by viewing your latest interactions and who has recently mentioned you. Filter these results by date.
  • Export reports to Excel and PDF