#WIBNMember Advice: Sperry Bilyea from Qivana – “Prioritization and FOCUS of 1-3 main goals per day”| @sbilyea on Twitter


Tell us about your business

I help individuals and families who care about their overall physical and mental health and want to age optimally. I am passionate about helping women who want financial independence, and freedom and who are passionate about health and wellness and to grow a ground floor business in Toronto and new markets. Qivana is a nutraceutical platform for all natural products with no side effects. Qivana has partnered with Universities and Research Centers all over the world and taking the research and commercializing them into amazing products that help with sleep, stress, focus, weight loss skin to gut. The founder Derek Hall who has run 2 multibillion companies is determined for Qivana to be the next Apple of the health and wellness industry.



I come from a family of entrepreneurs from my grandma who founded the oldest bookstore in Toronto, to my dad and mom who own a world renown dementia centre. My husband and I had a thriving pick-up tailgate ramp business between 2000-2008. Unfortunately, we were impacted by the US financial storm in 2008 and eventually had to shut our doors due to cash flow and broken promises. We lost the majority of our life savings. We were in recovery mode for a long time and frankly we were both unsure if we could ever dip our toes into business ownership again. It has been 8 years between the children, Jeff away, financial concerns and flat out FEAR I have turned away from most entrepreneurial ventures until now. When I learned about Qivana coming into Canada I was so excited because I have been using the product for my son’s ADHD. My whole career has been in the health and wellness industry and is a true passion of mine. I want to have a foundation and business that can grow with me as my children start to be more independent and live their lives. I want to find a team of amazing women who want to own the Toronto market, their freedom and help people with their overall health.

I am a mother of 3 strong willed, independent amazing children and I have a loving supportive husband Jeff. For the last 5 years Jeff is away every week–all week to help provide for our family. We do not want to be apart every week and only be together as a family 2 days a week. My why for doing Qivana is simple to bring Jeff home. I am excited to start this new business project Qivana, learn from the best in the industry, build a strong successful team and improve my family’s health as well.

In the next 5 (2020) years, I want for our family to be financially free (retirement and education) so we do not have to worry and we can help give back to others in need. I want to spend the majority of my time helping others by mentoring and helping build a great team, building my charity SALT to help seniors and directing funds to educating girls around the world.

What are your favourite business tools and books?

My favorite business tools are old school –Excel, Outlook and PPT. I just took an admin technology class and podio, listly and insightly and (if this then that) IFTTT may be my new favorite apps. I have just started to implement them. I also love listening and learning from Podcasts. Build Your Tribe by Chalene Johnson is my current business favorite.

I have so many favorite business/PD books – Brene Brown, Gary Vaynerchuck, Daniel Pink. I have been reading a lot of networking marketing books to help me get up to speed. Eric Worre, Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates and George Zaluki have some great books out there.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

1. Get a mentor or someone outside your business you can talk to.
2. Action, Action, Action on money generating activities.
3. Prioritization and FOCUS of 1-3 main goals per day.
4. If you have the 3 d’s desire, determination and dedication you will take steps forward in your business.
5. It is hard one but you have to learn not to care what others think.
6. Get out of your own way.
7. You do have another inner voice that can self sabotage especially if you are changing status quo just be aware of it and learn to shut it down.

Connect on Twitter @sbilyea and at www.bilyea.myqivana.com and on facebook

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