Tell us about your business

I am a Holistic Stress Management Professional; I help those who are running their lives at 100% or higher, and I help bring them down to 90% or lower. Stress is a mindset that we often see as the enemy; however, we can make stress our friend through how we perceive it and what we do to work with it and release it. I use yoga, meditation, mindfulness, coaching, creative therapy, nature and nutrition as part of the tools and techniques for sustainable stress relief.


My name is Samantha, and I love stress; not in the way that I want to have it in my life on a constant basis, but I love it the way that I love my friends. My business is based on stress reduction, because, well, that’s my story and I am here to help others who want to sustainably relieve stress in their lives on a holistic level. Born and raised in Toronto I understand the demands that the city, and the life we are “meant” to live, can create a toll on your emotional and spiritual well-being.

I’m a yoga teacher (hatha, restorative, yin), mindfulness educator, lover of dancing and being silly. I love tea, chai lattes, laughing, hanging out with my cat, cooking up a storm in my kitchen and spending time with people who challenge me, who ponder the ways of life, who enjoy laughing and being authentic.

Life is meant to be fun and exciting; we just complicate it.

What are your favourite business tools and books?

I love learning from others, my mentors and networking. My favourite books are not ones on business, per say, but on growing and developing yourself as an individual. Once you have a better understanding on who you are and how you can be of service to others, your networks and mentors can help guide you to who you need talk with, what books you should read, what videos to watch, or what events you ought to go to.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Be authentic in your work. The moment you are trying to be someone else, your audience will know and your business will not flourish. The world needs you, not another version of someone else.