Sponsor Spotlight: Nicky Tahil, Financial Advisor

Women in Biz Network is excited to announce Nicky Kumar Tahil as one of our valued 2020 sponsors. Nicky is excited to be giving back to our mentoring network throughout the year by sponsoring events and our mentorship program. Please be sure to reach out and say hello!

When I met Nicky in 2019 I was impressed by his passion and dedication to his clients. Nicky has a great sense of humour and caring nature that came through from the minute I met him. I love that Nicky has chosen to support our network, it is important that men are apart of the discussion and solution.  Nicky is committed to helping women in Canada rise up to their full potential and has put his financial support towards our programs and services. Learn more about Nicky in his own words.

Meet Nicky Kumar Tahil, Financial Advisor

What inspires me? Being part of my client’s lives when they achieve their financial goals. Whether your goals are to travel the world, save for your child’s education, prepare for your retirement or simply to make a plan, I can help you put together a financial strategy to meet your needs. I am proud to have been a part of Edward Jones family,

Our branch team comprises of myself, and my branch office administrator, Elizabeth Wright.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. My passions are travelling, reading and playing guitar. I’m also a runner and have done several marathons including ultras. For the last two years, I have been running to raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease in Toronto.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your current career?

Providing complete peace of mind to my clients and protect their loved ones from anything unexpected.

2020 words to live by
Do something amazing every day!

In 5 years I like to be
Running my own foundation to provide free education to orphans in Nepal and India.

What hobbies are you exploring and enjoying? 
Volunteer, Reading (lotta reading), running, playing guitar and regular exercise.

You are quotable! What wise words would you like to share?
The biggest luck for success is believing in yourself.

Connect with Nicky:

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