manpreetTell us about your business

Veza is a community for pan-cultural individuals who want to grow and exceed their own expectations as to what they can achieve in this world. Through connecting with other individuals through events and online.
Personal and Executive Coaching is also provided for individuals who are looking to deepen their sense of purpose, find more happiness and be better leaders/managers.


I love coaching! I love people moving to new places of their lives and find out what they really, truly want in life and go get it. I love seeing leaders move into new positions and grow their businesses.
I love one page strategies as a way to grow business and achieve all that a person wants in their personal life. Using leading edge, business strategy tools individuals become leaders in their industries. Fun facts – I tell cheesy jokes and I love boybands.

What are your favourite business tools and books?

My favorite business tools is the one page canvas, Rockafeller and anything that allows organizations to run leanly.
Books – I am a junkie for learning. Love Paulo Cohelo books to Positive Psychology books to business strategy.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Be true to yourself. It is good to have advice and soundboards while you are learning new ways of doing things from others but at the end of the day listen and trust your own gut.

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