1.Tell us about your business.
Founded in 2005, Grace Announcements creates inspired and customized stationery products for life’s big moments, including birth announcements, event invitations, mommy “call me” cards, custom wall art, and thank-you cards. With her background in graphic design, Lindsay’s creations are one of a kind and beautiful, and tailored perfectly to what her customers envision. Proudly Canadian, Grace Announcements also supports the local supplier community.

Grace Announcements is a refreshing, and affordable, alternative to the cookie cutter designs most big box retailers offer. With the motto “If you think it we can create it”, Lindsay and her team are committed to designing the best products possible, and delivering customer service that exceeds expectations.  That’s the Grace Announcements guarantee.

2. Other than being an entrepreneur, who are you? Tell us about yourself.
I am a mom to two amazing children who are 7 and 4 years old, they bring so much joy (and sometimes tears!) into my life. I am also married to my best friend and high school sweetheart. I love to do many things but don’t often find the time. I think if I could do it all I would spend my free time cooking as I am a real food lover! I love pilates and hate running. I wish I had more time to read the many books I keep buying.

I have a business background but a love of design. As a little girl I dreamt of being a interior designer or fashion designer. I spent hours sketching designs and re-decorated my room every six months.

3. What motivated you to go into business for yourself?
There are two factors – I am an entrepreneur at heart and Grace Announcements isn’t my 1st business. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was going to need to so something else for myself. Sure I loved staying home as a new mom. My son was just over a year old when I officially launched my website. I wanted to stay home with him, and I needed a business that allowed me to do that. So I took my business background and my love of design and started Grace Announcements.

4. How do you overcome challenges and obstacles in your business?
I stop and take a step back. Sometimes you just need a clear head to go at problems. I also believe that it is so important to have someone to be there for you, a family member or another entrepreneur who understands what challenges you have to deal with in your business.

5. What are your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur?
I love what I do! Really as simple as it sounds I believe it is so important. I love designing so for me it never seems like work, I feel honoured every day to be able to work with customers to create cherished memories that they will remember forever. I also believe that customer service is #1 and I strive to give every customer 110%.

6. What is one piece of helpful advice you would give to other entrepreneurs?
Do what you love and it will come. Being an entrepreneur is hard, so I believe that it is very important to do something that you love so it doesn’t feel like you have to “work” every day.