Tell us about your business

Buds Cutting Gardens designs and maintains gardens, with a special interest in gardens that feature flowers to be cut and taken indoors. We are throughly invested in the process of making outdoor spaces enjoyable for our clients, and love to involve them in the process.

Tell us about you Claire

I’m a hardworking and curious gardener who loves an opportunity to get others excited about deepening their involvement with flowers. I started gardening after finding an east end Toronto apartment with a gem of a yard.

I found that working in the garden and harvesting was the perfect entanglement of my sailor’s work ethic and my desire to make things worth looking at. The practice I developed brings me a deep satisfaction.

From the rearing of happy seedlings to sharing flowers with friends who deserve appreciation, I love every bit of it.


Want to LearnĀ More about Dreaming up a Garden of Your Own?

Claire is running a workshop at the lovely Likely General on April 9th. Join me for an evening spent with seeds and seedlings, dreaming up a flower garden of your own. Space is limited, so if you’re interested sign up soon!

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