The Business

hEr VOLUTION encourages girls and young women to pursue STEM based careers and promotes stakeholder’s involvement in the support of STEM education in Canada. What is STEM: commonly known as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. hEr VOLUTION focuses on raising awareness and value placed on STEM education for girls and young women in Canada and a change in the attitude towards gender from a young age.

Based in Toronto, Canada, hEr VOLUTION is the go to place for girls and young women from low income households and underprivileged communities throughout Canada to come to in order to provide them with innovative workshops and support around 21st Century Skills. From here we work hand in hand with local government to create opportunities for the next generation of women in STEM to further connect them with leaders in the industry for career support. We do this by listening to the needs of the community and the industry while giving all the resources back to the general public in a language that everyone understands.

hEr VOLUTION is here to inspire and revolutionize the STEM industry and change the world by encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM based careers.


Giving Back


hEr VOLUTION was founded by Doina Oncel based on personal experience as well as research with the belief that once we accept diversity, opportunities for women in STEM fields will rise. Doina Oncel knows firsthand what it is like to be an immigrant woman, living in a low income household, youth at risk, having to overcome domestic violence, homelessness, and now a single mother of two daughters. Doina has dedicated her life to supporting young women and she is a strong role model for the next generation to come. She is always involved in supporting the next generation of women by giving her time to design workshops, build strong relationships with stakeholders and empower ALL women to support each other. For the first two years of hEr VOLUTION’s involvement, Doina has invested her own money and volunteered her time into the organization to ensure that the organization will build a strong foundation and she’s now working on continuing to make the organization sustainable. She’s also given other people the opportunity to get involved with the organization through creating volunteer opportunities to young women and a few men, who chose to be involved in the cause, to build their skills and their portfolios. Currently Doina is working on creating programs for women who come from unconventional backgrounds giving them the opportunity to successfully integrate in today’s society through skill building and career development. She has also created the STEM Spark Project which was designed to give spotlight to women who are currently involved in the STEM fields who are not usually talked about yet they will become an inspiration to the next generation to come.


Send some support to Doina at @hEr_VOLUTION now using the hashtag #SOCIALFORGOOD