Marketing and Digital Content Trends for 2018

Ready to look at marketing trends and possibilities in 2018?

I love looking at marketing trends at the end of the year, it is a perfect time to research and analyze your marketing efforts and look at marketing opportunities exist for 2018.

Influencer Marketing Making a Comeback in 2018

In 2010 I launched my business thanks to the emerging trends in Influencer Marketing. Within the first year of my business, I was lucky enough to land experiential marketing opportunities with Chevrolet Canada and Microsoft. The word influencer was new to marketing, and Twitter was just emerging (yes, this was before even Instagram existed). I have always loved studying trends, and it didn’t take long to see the power my new business presented with the rise of influence within the “women in business” community within Canada. Women business owners, often mothers who were responsible for purchases related to both their home and business needs – a marketing jackpot! A remarkable opportunity existed in bringing brands and my lovely growing group influencers together for meaningful engagement.

Heading to 2018, things are again heating up again. Statistics are showing us that consumers prefer online reviews (with transparency in play) and the cost of traditional marketing in newspapers and tv isn’t cost effective or where the consumer market is looking for advice.

  • Trends in Digital Marketing 2018

    Experiential events are making a comeback and influencer campaigns equal mainstream marketing. With the rise of affordable technology available to the everyday consumer, videos are streaming on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook with a flurry of excitement related to priceless moments, heartfelt exchanges and sharing our purpose with the world. Along with everyday moments that seem reminiscent of “Seinfeld like” comedy. All ages are spending most of their time online – making this area the place to be.

  • Live Streaming Video will Boost Your Engagement Opportunities.

    Business owners take note: your content will get more engagement when shooting video “live”. A challenge for sure. The solution? Do build in time and set aside at least a day within your week where you can focus on streaming live content with ease.

  • Twitter May Fall While LinkedIn Engagement Rises

    Twitter popularity is decreasing. While it is a great place to browse and check in on trending topics, Linkedin will give you amplified opportunities to for content sharing, posting, and networking.


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