These days, successful marketing comes in a million different forms, whether it’s a killer email campaign, an eye-catching billboard, a decked out trade show booth, or even a podcast. That being said, even if you have the best marketing team and ideas, it’s not enough if you don’t have the right tools for your team.

That’s why we’re inviting passionate marketers to our upcoming Zoho One seminars, beginning this February throughout Canada. At our free seminars, we’ll be discussing how Zoho One can help you market more efficiently (click here for more information). Wouldn’t you rather spend your time ideating your next brilliant campaign, rather than struggling to integrate your software? Zoho One can help simplify your marketing process with its 50+ integrated apps, so you can spend more time doing what you do best. 


At our seminar, we’ll be discussing Zoho PageSense, which helps marketers convert visitors on their website to leads with a data driven strategy.  We’ll show you how Zoho’s marketing tools can help you create unique journeys for your leads—and how to build better relationships with prospects to turn those prospects into customers.

Did I mention that our emailing marketing tool, Zoho Campaigns, can also automate email marketing? You can integrate your email marketing tool with Zoho CRM to see subscriber data in one place, plus make custom templates so you can build your own campaign in as little as five minutes. Yep, that means more time to create even better campaigns. And let’s not leave out Zoho Social to help manage multiple social media accounts on different platforms with unlimited scheduled posts, monitoring dashboards, and features that make collaboration easier than ever. #Prettycool, and that’s just scratching the surface. We’ll also discuss Zoho Survey, Sites, and SalesIQ.

We’ll also discuss tools for sales, support, accounting, collaboration, HR, analytics and more! You’ll learn how Zoho One can help you tackle it all with comprehensive apps and enterprise-level storage for these areas of business and more. From Zoho CRM and Desk, to Books, People, Creator, Cliq, and more, we’ll be discussing how you can use all these apps to help streamline your business.

So you’re interested in learning more, right?

Our seminar spots are filling up quick, so register now to join us for a free half-day of learning more about the Zoho One platform and how it can help give your business an upgrade in efficiency and productivity. We’ll be in Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. So pick your ideal spot and register now. We’ll provide free breakfast and beverages to get you through a busy morning of learning and fun. Marketing is no easy task and we want to make sure we do our part by providing the tools you need to reach your targets and maximize ROI so your company can keep growing even faster. See you at one of our seminars!

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