Liaison College Culinary Arts

Join Us for an FREE Open House Showcase

WHEN: Thursday December 5th, 2013 | 6-9 pm

WHERE: 2974 Lakeshore Blvd. W. Toronto, ON M8V 1J9 | (416) 259 1010





Liaison College Culinary Showcase Open House – Free Event! We are reaching out to let you know about an upcoming FREE event hosted by Liaison College for those interested in the Culinary Arts, Recreational Cooking and Community involvement.
On Thursday December 5, 2013 Liaison College Toronto West will host an Open House Showcase Evening. Experience our culinary environment and let us share with you our passion for food, wine and learning. Take a tour of the LCTW Campus; meet the team and witness demos and tastings from Instructors and Students. You will gain a sense of the Programs on offer at our Campus.  Take advantage of the occasion to ask any questions you may have. Where you go from there, is up to you…

The Liaison College Toronto West Team is pleased to showcase


Recreational Courses

Junior Sure Chef: Chef Sandra has a gift for teaching kids about food, nutrition and good eating habits. She patiently coaches these budding chefs with hands-on preparation of their own meals, to enjoy and share with their family. The kids have great fun together while building their confidence, learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

Wine Expert – Intro to Sommelier: Our Resident Certified Professional Sommelier, John D. Martin is a REAL wine expert who loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge by creating an extremely informative and interactive learning experience. Whether you want to be a Professional Sommelier, impress your friends or just enjoy the finer things in life, John will help you become a REAL wine expert in no time.

Culinary Boot Camp: If you want to be a better cook and learn new tips from the Pros, enlist in Boot Camp! Our Chef Instructors have taken essential elements from the Professional Curriculum to teach the fundamental skills and impart some proven trade secrets to anyone that loves bringing out the best in food.

Baking Fundamentals – Intro to Patisserie: Chef Burgi Riegler has created the quintessential training program for those seeking the refined touch to deliver the precision required for high quality pastry and baked products. Baking is known as a science within an art. Our Master Baker, will help you realize your own patisserie masterpieces.

Professional Programs

Professional Chef Programs: Taking the culinary arts seriously and developing future chefs is a rewarding journey led by passion and mastered through hard work, perseverance and fortitude. The best Chefs in the world started their careers in culinary school. If you have what it takes, you can earn the title of ‘Chef’ and the privileges that go with it.
If you value a higher level of knowledge and the respect that follows, a Liaison College Diploma tells the world that you are a Chef and opens the doors to a Professional Career and/or personal satisfaction. All great Chefs have followed their passion to become the best that they can be – that journey starts right here!