As the economy continues to open up, WIBN is dedicated to finding ways to support the economic she-covery.

On Tuesday, July 6th, WIBN members Sue and Verity, co-founders of my career launch, will join Leigh for a highly interactive discussion and tip sharing session, focused on job search, hiring and recruiting strategies, all aimed at supporting women. If you’re job searching or thinking about job searching, come prepared to learn some key strategies and quick tips. If you’re an employer, who’s hiring or thinking of hiring, come with questions. If you’re a friend, who isn’t looking for yourself, come prepared to take away great ideas you can share with any women you know who are job searching.

This will be fun, lighthearted and there’s a giveaway to be had from Leigh, Verity, and Sue.


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Not sure how to make the most of your presence on LinkedIn? During the session, we’ll go over all the important NEW features and help you brand your Linkedin presence so you can stand out from the crowd.

COST $20.00 + HST

Can’t attend live? No problem, the session will be recorded to watch afterward.

Never has there been a smarter move than investing some education and social savvy in building your LinkedIn profile, presence and become a power user. Founder of Women in Biz Network, Leigh Mitchell will teach you about some of the coolest features of Linkedin such as:

  • Tweaking your profile so you don’t look like a novice
  • Accessing LinkedIn help (from Linkedin – yes they respond and are helpful)
  • Job search strategies
  • Linkedin Stories
  • Linkedin Live

We’ll have fun and learn a whole lot about how to make the most of LinkedIn’s best and NEWEST features.


Leigh Mitchell is a Brand and Career Strategist who loves tapping into your brilliance. She often works with professional and entrepreneurial women, HR departments and national corporations who want creative, clear and story-based brand strategy coupled with impactful positioning. As the founder of Women in Biz Network, Leigh coaches clients, speaks with interesting guests on her Time to Thrive Podcast, curates mentorship initiatives, promotes Women in Biz Network’s diversity-driven career board and delivers skill-building events to a variety of audiences.