The road to success is smoother than most people think

I’ve heard it said that the biggest barrier to success is the fear of success itself. For a long time I thought that was the biggest pile of bunk I’d ever heard. I wanted to be successful and I certainly wasn’t afraid of it.

successful women in businessTrouble was, my big dreams came with lots and lots of roadblocks (although most lived in my mind rather than reality). The more attention I paid to those roadblocks, the further away my dreams drifted. By letting myself get caught up in the minutia, I wasn’t accountable for not reaching my goals, right?



Achieving success belongs to people who take action. Successful people get started and ask for help when they need it. Roadblocks are reduced to speed bumps. Instead of forcing a dead stop, speed bumps slow you down and force mindfulness. Understanding that the difference between roadblocks and speed bumps might be based in your fear of success is a leap of faith.

But once you make the leap, the road suddenly gets a whole lot more driveable.

If you’re struggling with your own set of roadblocks, we’ve found some tips and tricks online this week to help.

Women-Owned Startups: How to Get Ahead

It’s a sad state of affairs that women face significantly more issues than their male counterparts within the workplace.  Bridging the gender gap two successful entrepreneurscan be a formidable task when facing this challenge alone – but in reality you are allied with thousands of women around the country against this issue.  Some choose to develop their own methods; some take inspiration from the efforts of others – but approaching the problem head on and establishing a strong foundation will serve you throughout the rest of your career. Read more on Under30CEO.

3 Strategies to Get Out of the Struggling Actress Mindset

You have a dream, and you’re working hard and waiting for that big break.  Then the opportunity comes your way, and part of you would love to just jump at it and give it your all.  Another part of you isn’t so sure though.  It holds back, questions and doubts. Read more on WIBN.

My Best Advice for Entrepreneurs: Learn to Speak

Whether it’s one on one with an employee, in front of three venture partners, at company all-hands, in front of a thousand conference attendees, or on live network TV, there is no end to the need for compelling, eloquent speech. In all my years, the most successful entrepreneurs I’ve met, with only a few exceptions, have one thing in common – great verbal communication. They have the ability to make people believe. Read more on Tim Wetergren’s LinkedIn.

10 Reasons to attend conferences – especially WIBN’s in Vancouver!

As a small business owner, conferences provide me a smorgasbord of opportunities to nurture business opportunities, acquire skills and grow my community – both professional and personal.

WIBN membersAlmost all of my clients in the past year have come from conference attendance (supported by social media before and after the event). Nothing will ever replace a handshake and getting out there and meeting people is the single most important activity small business owners can engage in. Read more:



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