Giving Myself the Boot – Best Bets for the Perfect Boot Buy!

Giving Myself The Boot

For my 30th birthday, my dear maman took me to New York City to celebrate. Me being me, and my interests lying where they lie, a lot of this celebrating took the form of food, wine and, of course, shopping. My main goal for the cobblestones of Soho? Over-the-knee flat black boots. Scour the streets though we did, from one store to another we were met with disappointment—they didn’t have my size, they didn’t carry that style, that store didn’t exist yet (I’m looking at you, Frye). Finally, after much hunting and sighing and stops to down some soul-fortifying chardonnay, I got my hands on a pair of (almost exactly what I was hoping for, though not quite Kate Moss level) Farylrobins. Barely one short year later, having endured my ‘walk everywhere’ policy and my sorry attempts to save them with a squeezy bottle of black polish, I had to resign myself to their demise.

It’s four years later. I need new boots. And so do you.


The Heart Palpitaters

Reed Krakoff Leather Over-The-Knee Boot ($1395 – These boots are killing me; I have dry mouth just looking at them. It would almost be worth pulling Nico out of daycare for a month just to have that level of swagger on my feet. (Husband has advised otherwise.)

 reed krakoff boots - net a porter -1395

Alexander Wang Sigrid Tall Boot ($995 – Look at the whimsy of that heel! Give me a break, Mr. Wang!


Emerson Fry Trooper Boot ($595 – These are delicious, and if I stop eating lunch during the week, almost affordable.


The Reasonables:


Nine West Niteracer ($285 – You really can’t go wrong with Nine West¾consistent quality, style and comfs.


Dolce Vita Daroda Boot ($279 – Need Supply Co., out of Richmond, Virginia, is one my absolute favourites and I was sorely tempted by this pair of classic stompers.

daroda boot need supply 279

Sole Society Andie Riding Boot ($129 – It doesn’t get much more reasonable than this; if you don’t want to commit too much of your pay cheque, but still want to take an over-the-knee whirl, these are the ladies for you.


The Buy:


Zara High-Cut Leather Boot ($199 – I heart Zara something fierce (which I think is becoming increasingly apparent the more I post) and they’ve only bolstered my loyalty with these¾ a stacked heel that won’t cause me to falter, a clean straight silhouette, and a choice price tag to boot (pun intended).




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