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I have taken the 8-week Mindful at Work online course from the Authentic Leadership Center in Naropa University. I loved it and benefited from it so much. So, I wanted to share it with you all.

I had been finding myself getting increasingly distracted and scattered with juggling priorities and moving my business on, and I was concerned with my increasingly lack of focus, which leads me to not doing the right daily actions to grow and flourish. Sometimes, I’d find myself starting something and end up doing something else unrelated and not revenue generating. I’d also find myself not being as skillful with responding to difficult situations with confidence when making decisions or working with my team. I seemed to make more work for myself. Does anyone identify? I wish I could put some emoji cons next to the last few sentences.

I took the Mindful at Work 8-week online program to strengthen and expand my mental and emotional capacity. I already have a mindfulness practice, but this course gave me great tips on how to integrate mindfulness practices to make me more effective & compassionate in my work with myself and others and at home. Nothing beats being able to maintain being in a good space while being in service to others.

Anyway, it’s a mini-version of the course I took and it’s free. So, I invite you to treat yourself to some nourishing time for your mind. If you want to do the 8-week one after you do the free mini-course, and you want to know what that was like, send me an email! I’d love to chat with you about it.

Event Details

It starts when you can fit it into your schedule.

How can people register?

Mindful at Work: Mini Course

What will attendees learn?

Learn individual practices to overcome stress
Enhance deep listening, compassion, and confidence
Integrate mindfulness into your interactions with others
Demonstrate mindful leadership at work and in daily life
Improve your organization’s ability to cultivate a safe, respectful, and authentic culture

Do you have a special offer or incentive for WIBN members to attend?

It’s free and I like this quote from Susan Skjei “A mindful revolution is spreading across all sectors of professional life as organizations integrate mindfulness practices to grow efficiency, compassion, and creativity while employees increasingly seek balance at work and at home with self-awareness and equanimity.”

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