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Did you know there’s Gold in your business? Do you know where to find it? When you are starting out in business, it’s important to have a good map. If you are not consistently attracting enough clients and making the money you want you may need a better map. I can show you how.

People always ask me, why my focus is start-up businesses and I tell them that this is the most exciting time to work with any new business owner. It is full of creativity, passion and energy and when I can help people right from the start, they can set the foundation for a very successful business.

Many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed and unsure of what to do when they are starting out (and even when they have been in business for a while) but don’t feel like they can ‘afford’ to invest in the private coaching they need.

Because I am so passionate about helping you succeed, I want to give you a range of options starting with my free quiz and eReport which contains tons of practical information for you. You can then join me for me free mini gold masterclass and Webinar series AND if that speaks to you I invite you to join me in one of my group Business Activation programs or work with me 1:1.

As an entrepreneur you are embarking on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery, so start to develop that mindset of investing in education and help early on in your business and you will be on the fast track to success.

If you are ready to move forward with a clear plan and direction for your business you can get started today. Simply Click this link to take your Free Quiz and discover why you are missing golden opportunities. And receive my FREE Report “How to Find Your Business Gold” to learn how to uncover more gold in your business today.

I look forward to seeing you in the Gold Mini Masterclass and Webinar soon.

Until Then

Stay Inspired.


Author Biography

Natasha Mitchell is the Owner of Inspire & Drive.

She is business consultant and strategist. who takes a unique approach to building businesses; She blends creativity and inspiration, with practical action to help you create a business you love and makes you money.

She loves to brainstorm your “crazy ideas” with you and then find practical ways to bring them to life and believes that the world would be a pretty dull place if it weren’t for entrepreneurs finding new and interesting ways to do things.

Too often she sees solopreneurs fall into the trap of ‘doing’ without ‘planning’ which leads to overwhelm, confusion, fear and frustration and ultimate failure.

She is well equipped to help you avoid this and to build and grow your business.Inspire-Drive-Logo-72

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