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#FearlessFriday: Embrace Fear and Lead with Passion



One of my biggest problems as an entrepreneur is quite honestly myself. I am a Nervous Nelly. Especially when I take on a new project.

But fear doesn’t have a hold on me the way it did in my thirties. Constantly living outside of my comfort zone is certainly paying off.

When the scar-d-y cat “What If” voices enters my brain and uncertainty fills my gut (and I question whether I can actually do what I am about to take on.)

I say…

“What if it goes exactly the way I imagine it should and could? ” 

When the old brain pops up I am getting better at recognizing
it and questioning my feelings as just that…. Feelings.  Not facts or reality.  Fear is good.

So next time you are put into your uncomfortable vulnerability  zone decide to embrace it and realize the wonder it could produce and the results and confidence it can bring.

Even if you fail you can proud that you tried. Now go live a #FearlessFriday. You can do it. We got your back darlin!



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