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Join us as we embark on this supportive journey with Vinita, centering ourselves on our leadership paths. At the core of her approach are your values, habits, and routines, which serve as your inner compass. Together, we will explore the “CALM” resilience framework to manage stressors with support and create growth goals, both personal and professional.

If you’re ready to be inspired and lead with well-being, Vinita is here to help you every step of the way.

  • Take on this supportive journey, to centre yourself on your leadership path
  • At the core…your VALUES, HABITS AND ROUTINES to guide your inner compass
  • Explore the “CALM” resilience framework to manage the stressors, with support
  • Create growth goals, personal and professional

What to Expect:

Live Q&A Sessions with Experts: Have your pressing questions answered in real-time by our panel of seasoned professionals with 3-5 action items to work on each week.

About Our Changemaker Expert Vinita Mongia 

Vinita Mongia is a Principal, with 30 years experience in public education, recently retired and now leading Principals to prioritize well-being

Vinita inspires dedicated Principals on how to regain “CALMfident” leadership through her workshop series, and mentorship sessions.

If you are feeling ready to be inspired to manage stress, build resilience and lead with well-being at the forefront, Vinita is here to help you.


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