Emily-ChowCommunications-with-Logo400PXTell us about your business

My business has evolved from being a simple marketing and sales copywriting business to one that has now expanded into search engine optimization, web design, social media, and consulting. Everything I do is in the name of generating leads and encouraging conversions for my clients.

Who are you outside of work?

I’ve always been full of energy…and questions about life, love, and everything else in between. I juggle a million things at once and I love it. I enjoy working out, swimming, and staying active. I grew up in a strict, demanding, Asian household. I love my parents more now than I ever have before. I have a nephew who is the center of my world, I have a fiancé who has stuck with me through 7 surgeries and more ups and downs than any normal person should ever have to endure, and I’m a serial overachiever who just wants a little peace and quiet now and again.


What motivated you to start your business or choose your profession?

My professional actually chose me. I’ve always loved marketing and sales but, up until 3 years, I never thought I would have the guts to open up my own business. 10 years ago I got hurt during a training session – I used to be a triathlete. I was unable to walk properly for about 2 years after that accident. For the next 8 years following that, I gained back some ability to walk but it was very limited. I saw a doctor and then another and another. No one was able to figure out what was wrong with me. Two years ago, I met one doctor who did a few tests on me. All of a sudden I had a concrete diagnosis and I underwent a series of surgeries (and rather unfortunate but short-lived complications) – 7 surgeries in less than two years. I’m almost back to my healthy, active self again. I have limitations but nothing like the last 10 years of my life.

Before going through with these surgeries, I had to quit my job because I would be out of commission for a while and no company would have wanted me on board. I don’t like being a burden on anyone.

After I was in my recovery bed, I knew that I had to find a way to make money. Medical bills don’t pay for themselves. And so I reached out to my network, let them know of my skills and situation, and within a month of my first 3 surgeries, I became a writer for LivingSocial. The position expanded and so did my business goals. I realized I was great at what I did and my previous experience in brand management and consumer goods was a huge plus.

My business was born out of trauma and has flourished as I’ve healed and reclaimed my life back. I love what I do. I love helping clients out of slumps and turning them into successful entrepreneurs. I know what it’s like to feel like you have nothing and that everything you’re doing is just not good enough. All it takes is patience, a little help from the universe, and whole lot of help from key people who are good for your business and GREAT for your self-confidence.


How do you overcome business challenges or obstacles?

You get what you put out there and it’s so important to be very clear on what you want and what your goals are.

Sometimes we get really bogged down in a problem that we end up setting ourselves up for failure – simply because we make it too difficult for ourselves to see a solution. This simple solution is to first take the emotion out of the situation and look at it logically. It’s amazing how quickly we can “fix” seemingly massive problems simply by taking our fears out of the picture.

I also force myself to take risks that I never would have taken from the safety of a 9-5 cubicle job.


What are your greatest strengths?

I listen to my gut and my intuition and I’m not ashamed of it. I let my experience guide me in making decisions.

I never quit and my mind is always working on building multiple solutions to problems that are staring at me and my client’s faces. When it comes to my clients, my goals are always the same: To diagnose, to fix, to build, to expand, and to always have FUN during the process.

My client’s know that they can trust me and that I’m always behind them every step of the way. I value my clients and my colleagues so much and I’m never afraid to show them my gratitude.

What are your favourite business tools?

My favourite business tools are Hootsuite, Google Analytics, and Market Samurai to name a few.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping others. When a client comes to me for help, I can’t help but become invested in them and their business.

Who is your greatest business mentor?

Marie Forleo

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Never quit and never lose sight of the REAL reason you’re in business: to leave a legacy for your children, to help those in need, to realize dreams that you never thought would ever come to light. Let your passion drive you and you’ll never lose your way.

Want to meet Emily?

Emily is one of our WIBN experts at the Women in Biz Conference in Vancouver on October 6 & 7, 2013 – if you register for our conference before September 20th you can book a  complimentary session with Emily or one of our many other business experts !