I have to admit since starting my own business I have let myself go…. just a little bit. I find that because I am dedicating so much time to my business that I am too busy busy for my…ummm… “personal upkeep” LOL. I let my hair go way to long with getting cut and my roots show now.

However, when I have an event coming up I know that I have to find the time to primp. So when my conference came up last week I knew I better get to the salon. I went to Taz Hair Salon and got a great hair cut. The haircut was done by Frank Cini who has won many awards for styling and his salon has been featured on Entertainment Tonight (Canadian version).

Can I just say that this hair cut rocked my world. Not only did it look great but it also is WASH AND GO. I have not blown out my hair in over a week. I where it curly and I think it looks great. I even received some compliments.

The bottom line for me is YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. If you show up to an event looking frumpy I think it can negatively effect how people view you. I think a well polished women means well polished work. What do you think?