doodlecast proIf presentations are an important part of your business then do I have an app for you. Doodlecast Pro from zinc Roe is the grown up, more powerful version of Doodlecast for Kids. In a nutshell, this iPad app allows you to create presentations complete with audio commentary that can be easily shared.

With various backgrounds available including paper backgrounds grid and notebook, you can easily use the app as a simple handwriting or drawing tool. However, what I love about the app is that you can import photo images and then “doodle” over top of the photo. Combine that with an audio recording that accompanies your “doodles”, this is one app well worth the $2.99 price tag.

The wide assortment of tools available such as brush, pointer styles, colours and line weights provides the necessary enhancements to help drive the viewer’s attention exactly to where you want it to go on the screen.

Imagine a cosmetic surgeon creating a video explaining where the nips and tucks will be as they are drawing over their client’s image or an interior designer drawing in where new furniture and walls will be as they walk walk their client through proposed changes on a room by room basis.

The app would be perfect for educators, interior designers, landscape architects, realtors, home stagers, students, image consultants, sports coaches, even cosmetic surgeons.

Since I’m a visual kinda gal, I’ll let you stop reading and have you watch this brief video to see what Doodlecast can do for you.

Doodlecast Pro costs $2.99 via iTunes.

Image: zinc Roe